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How does a thriving business grow even more? 

We can help you on that journey - whether you want to break into a new market, or grow an existing one. We understand the need to have a clear plan and good strategic execution - its what we do!

Some of the services we have given previous & existing clients.
Business Plans | Entrepreneurial Peer Advice | Strategy Reviews | One-on-One business advice |                 CV Reviews | E-commerce advice | Product Sourcing assistance |

A wealth of expertise & experience

Whether you operate in e-commerce or bricks & mortar sectors, DWL has over 35 years commercial experience & knowledge. 

We offer guidance & strategic planning to grow your market share & increase your brands visibility.


How we can help you

  • Sales Strategy augmentation & development
  • Routes to Market in the UK, EU & US Consumer Goods channel
  • Growth consultation
  • Personal CV Services for High-Flying individuals
  • Bespoke one-to-one advisory & mentoring services to high-calibre individuals.

Consulting without compromising

We currently work with some highly recognised branded businesses advising & recommending strategic actions to improve sales opportunities

  • U.S Consumer Corporations
  • English Premier League Football Clubs
  • Independent E-commerce companies
  • UK Independent Retail stores
  • Mentoring High-Achiever Candidates

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